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Job offers

Job offers

The store chain “top!” is the largest store chain owned by the Latvian businesspeople, as well as the third largest retail sales store chain in Latvia. All in all we employ more than 3,000 employees. Along with development and opening new stores in Latvia, we are looking for colleagues at our stores. If you would like to join our team, please send your CV and indicate the town where you would like to work.

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Only good purchases at your local “top!”

The “top!” brand is a quality sign for selected products available only at the local store chain “top!”.

The assortment was created based on the choice of the local customers who prefer qualitative products for friendly prices.

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Benefit No. 1

Our store chain is owned by Latvian businesspeople, it is the most rapidly growing local retail sale store chain in Latvia that supports the local producers and cares for its suppliers and more than 3,000 employees.

Benefit No. 2

The store chain has a professional management team that ensures assortment that complies with the space of each store. A joint procurement of goods and services for friendly prices allows reducing expenses and increase revenues.

Benefit No. 3

Our brand is well-known and popular in Latvia thanks to unified marketing and public relations activities ensure by our marketing team.

Benefit No. 4

Get to know how simple it is to join your local team of “top!”! Contact us via e-mail:
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