Local store top! gifts flag ribbons for national holidays

Local store top! gifts flag ribbons for national holidays


Local store chain top! congratulates Latvia on the holiday with the wish “Let your heart beat for Latvia” and for the ninth consecutive year continues a tradition gifting store visitors red-white-red holiday ribbons. At the At the checkout store visitors are going to receive a set of a ribbon and a pin to attach it to their clothes in the shape of a letter “V” in its right place – next to the heart. The flags are going to be available to anyone from 3rd up to 18th November, when we celebrate the Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia.

„November is the time of our country’s most patriotic holiday. Being a local business for us it is especially important time, since we celebrate Latvia’s national holiday and we invite all to do the same by highlighting Latvian values – it is important to keep the head up straight and keep our patriotic spirit strong. If we are strong ourselves, we will be able to help others too. We find strength in the Latvian traditions, therefore this year we also continue what we started. In stores top! we will create a sense of celebration by handing out red-white-red festive ribbons for the love and respect towards our home Latvia roots deeply in our core”, says store chain top! management board member and marketing director Ilze Priedīte.

It does not matter how old each of us is, where we work and how we spend our free time. It does not matter whether we are car drivers or pedestrians, we like rock or country music. Regardless of what language we speak, we are all locals. The only thing that matters – our heart must beat for Latvia! We invite all people to attach the holiday flag ribbon next to our heart, to light up a candle on Lāčplēsis Day commemorating the cavaliers of the order of Lāčplēsis and all Latvia’s freedom fighters, whereas on Nobember 18th come together at a table for celebration and mark the Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia with Latvian cuisine.

Store chain top! will take care for special, topical recipes for the table of celebration and invites to prepare Latvian food during the holidays – red-white-red cake, pear steamed in wine, beetroot cream-soup, Latvian “Herring Under a Fur Coat” and other delicious recipes can be found on the homepage of the chain store top!, in Recipes sections: https://www.toppartika.lv/receptes/

May this darkest time of the year be filled with patriotism, with light in our hearts, and may our hearts beat for Latvia!

About retail store chain top!
Retail store chain top! is the largest chain owned by Latvian business and the third largest retail chain in Latvia. There are currently 205 food stores in Latvia under the trademark top!, owned by 12 local companies. In total, more than 4,000 jobs are provided, supporting local producers and suppliers across Latvia.

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