Survey: Majority of Latvians will celebrate the national holiday and serve traditional food

Survey: Majority of Latvians will celebrate the national holiday and serve traditional food

Two thirds of 68% of Latvians plan to celebrate the national holiday and they plan to serve potatoes and other vegetables, as well as meat for dinner, according to the survey conducted by the store chain “top!”.

“According to the results of the survey, the most favourite products bought during the week of the national holiday are the same as a year ago. Our customers mainly bought pastry baked at the local “top!” store, traditional bacon buns, meat and milk products, as well as vegetables. We have to support the local producers and businesspeople, especially in the regions, therefore, we will invite the community to focus on that and from now on we will emphasise and use the mark “Local top!”. It is the way how we can support and facilitate the development of our country,” emphasised the Head of Marketing of the store chain “top!” Ilze Priedīte.

Sixty-eight per cent of the surveyed Latvians plan to celebrate the national holiday. Thirty-nine per cent of the respondents said that their traditional menu would certainly include potatoes and other vegetables. Most often potatoes and other vegetables were chosen by people in Vidzeme (54%) and Zemgale (61%). Meat is also an integral part of the menu, according to more than a half of the respondents. Our customers will cook a roast (21%), pork chop (19%), meatballs (8%), as well as fish dishes (9%).

One fifth of the respondents will also bake a pie and traditional buns. Comparing the results in regions, a pie and buns will be most often served in Kurzeme and Zemgale. In Latgale, it is particularly noted that te meal will be supplemented with rye bread. A cake will be served in Kurzeme (36%) and Zemgale (41%).

The respondents will celebrate both at home and elsewhere. Majority of the respondents plan to spend from 11 to 20 euros for the celebration. The online survey was conducted in November 2016 and it was filled in by 502 respondents from the age of 20 to 74 in Rīga, other towns and rural territories.

During the national holiday, the campaign brochure of the store chain “top!” mainly included products with a mark “Local product” to support local producers during the celebration even more. From now on, the brochure of “top!” will include the most favourite recipes of the local cooks from the “top!” stores to inspire our customers to cook a tasty meal at home.

For the customers to better notice the local products and the most favourite products of the locals, three types of quality signs will be used to mark the products at the store chain “top!” and represent three product categories: “Local choice” – products chosen by the local customers to most; “Produced locally” – gastronomy products and pastry cooked at the local “top!” stores; “Local product” – products produced in Latvia.

The store chain “top!” is the largest store chain owned by the Latvian businesspeople, as well as the third largest retail sales store chain in Latvia. There are 228 stores operating in Latvia with the brand “top!”, out of which 126 are “top!” and 102 “mini top!” stores owned by 19 local companies: SIA “Firma Madara 89”, AS “LPB”, AS “Diāna”, SIA “Lars Limited”, SIA “Gabriēla”, SIA “Dekšņi”, SIA “Mārksmens”, SIA “Madara 93”, SIA “AA & Co”, SIA “Krista - A”, AS “Roga - Agro”, SIA “ESSA”, SIA “G.A.L.”, SIA “Lekon”, SIA “Ogres Prestižs”, SIA “Pārtikas veikalu grupa”, SIA “Oregano”, SIA “SP” and SIA “Palmas-S” The store chain employs more than 3,000 employees and supports local producers and suppliers in Latvia.

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