The ninth local store “top!” was opened today in Valmiera

The ninth local store “top!” was opened today in Valmiera

Today, 14 December, in Valmiera, Ausekļa iela 29, at 12.00, the ninth local store “top!” was opened. The sales premises are 288m2 large and it is planned that the store will employ eight employees.

“The owner of the premises SIA “Firma Madara 89” acquired the premises two years ago and renovation works were carried out since then. This is the ninth local “top!” in Valmiera where the local goods are offered and local producers and suppliers are supported. Currently, our store chain in Valmiera is represented by two partners: SIA “Firma Madara 89” that owns four stores and SIA “Lars Limited” that owns five stores. It is planned that in the beginning of 2017, a store will be opened on Rīgas iela 64,” said the Head of Marketing of the store chain “top!” Ilze Priedīte.

For the customers to better notice the local products and the most favourite products of the locals, three types of quality signs will be used to mark the products at the store chain “top!” and represent three product categories: “Local choice” – products chosen by the local customers to most; “Produced locally” – gastronomy products and pastry cooked at the local “top!” stores; “Local product” – products produced in Latvia.

In the beginning of 2016, a “top!” store was opened on Miera iela 5 in Valmiera. It is 600m2 large and employs 18 employees. The store offers its customers gastronomy products and pastry.

The store chain “top!” is the largest store chain owned by the Latvian businesspeople, as well as the third largest retail sales store chain in Latvia. There are 230 stores operating in Latvia with the brand “top!”, out of which 128 are “top!” and 102 “mini top!” stores owned by 19 local companies: SIA “Firma Madara 89”, AS “LPB”, AS “Diāna”, SIA “Lars Limited”, SIA “Gabriēla”, SIA “Dekšņi”, SIA “Mārksmens”, SIA “Madara 93”, SIA “AA & Co”, SIA “Krista - A”, AS “Roga - Agro”, SIA “ESSA”, SIA “G.A.L.”, SIA “Lekon”, SIA “Ogres Prestižs”, SIA “Pārtikas veikalu grupa”, SIA “Oregano”, SIA “SP” and SIA “Palmas-S”. The store chain employs more than 3,000 employees and supports local producers and suppliers in Latvia.

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