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The store chain "top!" is the third largest retail store chain owned by 13 Latvian companies that was established in 2000. The store chain supports local producers and cares for its suppliers and more than 4,000 employees. Considering the needs of our customers and taking care of their satisfaction, the store chain offers quality for a competitive price near your home in 204 stores in Latvia, out of which 128 are "top!" and 76 "mini top!" stores. 

SIA “Iepirkumu grupa” is a company representing the store chain “top!” that provides a unified procurement system and marketing activities to the store chain. 

SIA “Iepirkumu grupa”
Registration No.: 40003617292
VAT payer’s No.: LV40003617292
Legal address: Dzelzavas iela 117, Riga, LV-1021
Office address: Dzelzavas iela 117, Floor 3, Riga, LV-1021
Bank: AS “Swedbank” Bank code: HABALV22
Bank account No.: LV41HABA0551003817684
E-mail: igrupa@toppartika.lv
Tel.:+371 67338241

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Procurement Department

Phone +371 67331419
Email: iepirkums@toppartika.lv

Marketing Department

Phone + 371 67338243
Email: marketings@toppartika.lv

Phone + 371 67338243
Email: PR@toppartika.lv


Phone +371 67338245
Email: gramatvediba@toppartika.lv

Customer Service

Email: atsauksmes@toppartika.lv

For jobseekers

Email: cv@toppartika.lv

IT Department

Email: it@toppartika.lv

SIA toplogistic

Phone +371 26686262
Email: ofiss@toplogistic.lv


SIA „Firma Madara 89”

Reg. nr.: LV40003115846

Phone +371 64772812
Homepage: www.madara89.lv

SIA „Dekšņi”

Reg. nr.: LV40003323084

Phone +371 63181374
Homepage: www.deksni.lv

SIA „Ogres Prestižs”

Reg. nr.: LV40003677408

Phone +371 65035777
Homepage: www.ogresprestizs.lv


Reg. nr.: LV52103003541

Phone +371 63423211

SIA „Mārksmens”

Reg. nr.: LV40003358226

Phone +371 26600748

SIA „G.A.L.”

Reg. nr.: LV40103045117

Phone +371 67934950

SIA „LM Jūrmala”

Reg. nr.: LV40003325102

Phone +371 67760080

SIA „Pārtikas veikalu grupa”

Reg. nr.: LV45403027864

Phone +371 29144460

SIA „Madara 93”

Reg. nr.: LV46603001941

Phone +371 64024918


Reg. nr.: LV44103011422

Phone +371 26485923

SIA „Palmas-S”

Reg. nr.: LV49201012406

Phone +371 26549390

A/S „Roga-Agro”

Reg. nr.: LV40003101668

Phone +371 67981004

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