A new top! store has opened in Salaspils behind the National Botanic Garden

A new top! store has opened in Salaspils behind the National Botanic Garden


On Friday, June 10, in Salaspils, a new top! grocery store has opened at 48 Rigas Street, behind the National Botanical Garden. On the ground floor there is the grocery store top! with an area of 545 m2 and Mēness aptieka pharmacy. The new Salaspils top! will offer products of local producers, as well as locally manufactured culinary and confectionery, fresh meat and fresh fish grown in Latvia. 16 new jobs have been created at the top! store, and products can also be ordered from the etop.lv online store. The total investment in store equipment is almost half a million euros, not counting construction costs.

“In a festive mood, the second top! has opened today in Salaspils. There has been a mini top! in the city for 13 years, but from today local residents also have the opportunity to visit a local and larger top! store. Where there was once a school, and then a printing house, there is the top! store now, which will delight visitors with local pastries, local meat, Latvian sweets, dairy products, drinks, flour and cereals, fruits and vegetables, as well as other goods. And when the warm summer season begins in Latvia, we invite you to Salaspils for refreshments and ice cream!” says Member of the Board of top! Ilze Priedīte.

The new top! store is a masterpiece of local builders of the Valmiera side, and during the facility construction, building materials from local manufacturers were used to as much as possible. Along with the new building, the surrounding area has also been improved with a new parking lot and energy-efficient lighting. The store also uses modern technologies, the latest generation energy-saving recuperation system, which ensures an even air flow in the store and a pleasant temperature, both in winter and in the heat of summer. Store refrigerated display cases are also energy efficient and their refrigerant is environmentally friendly. Shoppers will also have access to two self-service checkouts for a more independent shopping experience. The second floor of the building offers premises for new tenants.

The new Salaspils top! is the second new store opened this year. At the end of March, top! opened its doors in Daugavpils. In June it is planned to open two more new stores in Riga and Tireli. At the same time renovation work is underway in existing stores to improve and modernise the shopping experience for visitors.

About Firma Madara 89 LLC
The project developer is one of the largest companies in Latvia, a partner of the top!, Firma Madara 89 LLC with 100% Latvian capital, which was founded in 1993 and currently employs almost 1900 employees. During its existence, the company has successfully developed and improved, having opened 104 top! and mini top!, 11 Labais, 6 Skapis and 4 Pasēdnīca stores, a culinary factory, bakeries, a bowling alley, two shopping centres - IGA Centrs in Aizkraukle and Centrs in Smiltene, a small wholesale warehouse in Gulbene, and also ensures the delivery of goods from two logistics centres in Riga and Smiltene with a fleet of more than a dozen trucks.

Firma Madara 89 LLC is the largest taxpayer and employer in Vidzeme. The company has been on the list of Large Taxpayers of the State Revenue Service for many years and pays taxes in good faith, thereby contributing to the increase and growth of the country's welfare.

The company regularly invests in its development, building new store facilities, restoring and renovating existing buildings and their equipment, which contributes to improving the infrastructure of settlements and enhancing the quality of service. In April 2020, the online sale of goods was launched at www.etop.lv.

About the top! chain of stores
top! is the largest store chain owned by Latvian entrepreneurs, as well as the third largest chain of retail stores in Latvia. Currently in Latvia under the brand name top! there are 203 grocery stores owned by 12 local companies, employing more than 4,000 people and supporting local producers and suppliers throughout Latvia.

Information prepared by:
Ilze Priedīte
Marketing Director and Member of the Board of the top! store chain
E-mail: pr@toppartika.lv

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